The Ascension Chronicle

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Check out my new story Negative Man. It will (hopefully) have daily updates at 7am eastern standard time. I’m still working on Book 1 of User and Book 3 of TAC.

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Outspan Foster




A boy dies and is reborn in a virtual reality game. He must search his way to Elysium. A girl finds comfort in the night. She must learn the ways of the teeth and claw. A brother is lost in his world and finds escape in another. He must uncover the truth hidden from his family. These are their stories. More accurately, it’s Nico’s story…..for now. Yup.


17 thoughts on “The Ascension Chronicle

  1. i am really interested in where you are going with this, this world seems so interesting and amazing, and i LOVE THE NOTE ABOUT ‘NO PRE-DESTINY’ by hal! i hate destiny make me feel everything the mc and we have experienced was for naught, honestly in my opinion i believe Nico was very lucky.

    hal said ‘elysium is as comfortable as possible’ BUT ‘Legendaria has limitless possibilities’ and i cannot wait for us to explore them all. and damn monsters are high leveled as hell!

    i could read your story on royalroadl too, but i like it more here XD


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  3. Enjoying this story! Lots of interesting hints dropped of things to come. Let me know if you want a proof reader.


    • Thanks for your interest! I would love a proof reader, but not right now. Once I get to 25 Chapters, I’ll be doing some minor revisions. Once I’ve done that, you’ll be the first I ask. This website acts as a simple first draft. Would you also be interested in being one of my Beta readers in the future after I do my own revisions?


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